Change of Name

For several years now I have been trading under the name Boom! Boom Baby!, I used this name for my corsetry brand as this is what I was working on for several years. In the past five years I have found my self working a lot more as a freelance costume maker/designer for theatre  and working a lot more with independent clients creating bespoke costumes. I have decided to trade under my name Kirsteen Wythe rather than Boom! Boom! Baby! as I feel it represents me as an individual and represents me as a designer rather than a brand.

You can follow my work on instagram – Kirsteen_Wythe

Frozen Light – Home

Earlier this year I worked with Frozen Light, a local theatre company who create high quality sensory theatre for audiences with PMLD.  Home is a story based in a dystopian world based on the friendship of two girls. Due to the audience involved I felt it was important to create as much texture and sensory aspects as possible.  Each costume has been dyed, painted and distress by hand to create a dystopian feel.


screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-17-35-43 frozen-light-rehersals frzen-light-details rehersal-images-fl screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-17-36-54 25home_jma-photography-25

Ruby Red custom burlesque costume

Its always a pleasure designing costumes for performer Natalya Unamanska, she gives me a brief and then tells me to to do what I want with it. This time she wanted the piece to be inspired by performer Ginger Rodgers but with a modern twist and the costume to be a versitile as possible for different acts. Ive designed the costume so it could be worn in a variety of ways and used for burlesque or ariel perfomances. The full costume consists of a steel boned mesh corset with red detailing, embelished bra, show girl pants, sparkle bolero and a fish tail skirt.


natasha corset   natasha red corset bra and pants

natasha red costume   natasha red back


So happy to have my first drag queen commision. Ive always been fasinated by drag costume and since dicovering Ru Paul’s Dragrace Ive become obsesssed! The fabulous Ms Special K wanted a corset that represented pride and that was bright and colourful and gave a more feminine shape. I created a more defined bust and hips using padding and used the lines of the stripes to define this.

Kenny pride corset

Kenny pride

Kenny pride 2


For the last few months I have been having an adventure in the woodsl working with the renound theatre company Wildworks as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.  Wolfschild is a beautiful  fairytale which took you through the dark forests at Febrig Hall. A completely new challenge for me in terms of costumes but one I really enjoyed!






Skeleton body suit

My latest commision for performer Lydia Darling. My brief was to create a nude body suit with an intricate skeleton detail with a fine mesh lace.  I also made matching stockings and arm pieces.

Skeleton body suit skeleton body suit 2 skeleton body suit 3

Voss Music

I recently created a veiled headdress for singer VOSS music’s music video Stuck in the fire.

Photo – Lilly Celeste




Peter Pan – Norwich Theatre Royal

Ive really enjoyed my last few months working in house at Norwich Theatre Royal, designing and making costumes for thier pantomime production of Peter Pan. Sadly its all over and I must return back to my studio, but its not all bad as it means I can start planning this years production of Snow White!

Peter Pan - Hook and kids

Peter Pan cook, hook and starky

Peter Pan Pan and pirates

Peter Pan Pirates

Peter Pan Tiger Lilly



I can’t believe its that time of year again already! Im so excited to be going back to Norwich Theatre Royal to work on this years pantomime production of Peter Pan. This year I am taking the role of costume designer and supervisor, Im looking foreword to really pushing my self creatively and technically to produce over 90 costumes. I will not be taking any orders during this period as I want to fully dedicate my self to this role. I will still be making some one of pieces available in my online Etsy store.



A bespoke creation for Charlotte. The base of the corset is made from a luxurious deep red silk with layered mesh around the bust line, hand appliquéd silk roses and beading.

black rose corset frontblack rose corset back

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 08.45.54